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How to book a luxury VTC in Paris? Our advice

Vtc de luxe

In a city as dynamic as Paris, there are many ways to get around. People on business trips, whether short or long-term, prefer VTC for their travel in the capital. If you find yourself in this situation and need this mode of luxury transport, this article should interest you. Discover how to make your VTC reservation as well as the best companies in the city and the criteria for choosing the one that suits you best.

Which VTC company to choose? In the French capital, there is a plethora of VTC companies. So, how to book a luxury VTC in Paris should not be your primary concern. Instead, you should first ask yourself how to choose the right company.

Not all service providers on the market are equal. When booking your car, you must ensure that you choose the right company. Considering certain criteria can help you.

Firstly, when you enter these agencies’ websites, check their fleet of luxury vehicles. A good company should offer prestigious sedans, spacious SUVs, and elegant vans. These different options will meet all your transportation needs. By choosing an agency like Luxurycab-Paris, you have this assurance.

For example, this one offers:

  • A Mercedes E-Class with a high-end interior and very comfortable upholstery;
  • A Mercedes S-Class for long-distance travel;
  • A Mercedes V-Class for tourist excursions and private family evenings;
  • A Mercedes Sprinter with a capacity of 19 passengers for group trips;
  • etc.

Then, make sure the company has adequate insurance to protect you in case of problems. Furthermore, ensure that the company from which you are booking a luxury VTC in Paris has professional and experienced drivers. This point is important in that qualified drivers ensure you have a pleasant travel experience.

Beyond these primary criteria, you can also consider the ease and transparency of booking as well as the quality of customer assistance to make your choice. If you don’t have this information, seek help from previous customers by reading the various reviews left on trusted platforms.

How to book a VTC? If you’re wondering how to book a luxury VTC in Paris, know that it’s not very complicated. You just need to go online and browse through all the chauffeured car companies. Once you make your choice, you need to follow certain steps to book a luxury VTC in Paris.

  1. Register on the company’s platform: These various agencies present on the web actually have platforms where you can book your various trips in a few clicks. Once on the platform, sign up and create a user account. When creating it, you must provide your personal information and payment details. Your account will then be created within minutes, and you can proceed to book your luxury VTC in Paris.
  2. Go to the booking page and choose your vehicle: Once your account is validated, go to the dedicated booking page. Enter your client space, choose the type of vehicle you want to ride in, and enter the details of your trip. The details of your trip include the pickup location, the desired destination, as well as the departure and arrival times. You must also indicate whether you are traveling alone or accompanied by others.
  3. Validate the reservation and wait for confirmation: Once you have entered all the information related to your reservation, all you have to do is validate it and wait for confirmation from the company. If you choose a good company, the validation will always be effective. The driver will then meet you at the agreed location and take you wherever you want. Whenever you need a driver, just log in to your client area and repeat the process. It’s that simple.

It is recommended to search for your VTC company and make your reservation for your luxury VTC in Paris before arriving in the city. Thus, as soon as you arrive at the airport or train station, a driver will pick you up immediately. No need to take a low-end taxi when you arrive.

What is the price of a VTC per kilometer? Now that you know how to book a luxury VTC in Paris, you may be interested in the cost of booking. Like with a taxi meter, the distance you travel with a chauffeured car determines the fare. So, a per-kilometer pricing can be applied.

However, it would be difficult in practice to provide a single price per kilometer, because it varies depending on many criteria. Among others, we can mention:

  • The type of car used for the race: as you could see earlier, there is a variety of cars in a VTC company’s fleet. Depending on which one you choose, the experience is not the same. The price therefore differs as a result;
  • The distance traveled: this is self-explanatory. Like with a taxi meter, the distance you travel with a chauffeured car determines the fare for your journey;
  • The days and hours of reservation: at night, peak hours, periods of high demand, weekends, and holidays, the rates applied are generally higher.

It should be noted that some additional fees may be applied by luxury VTC companies in Paris. This is understandable. However, make sure that these rates are transparent. To know in advance the price of your trip, nothing beats using the calculator generally integrated into the booking page.