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VIP Services or Additional Services During Chauffeured Rentals

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When you rent a vehicle for personal or professional needs, the service provider offers you a chauffeur who drives you around for your various trips. This is a standard formula included in the rental contract. If you’re looking for a tailored service, the company can cater to your needs. Here’s what they typically offer:

VIP Services or Additional Services During Chauffeur Rentals: Offering Multilingual Drivers

Generally, the drivers provided by car rental companies are fluent only in the working territory’s language. Sometimes, such drivers may not be offered to certain clients due to their monolingual status.

Specifically, this refers to foreign clients. They seek a driver with whom there is no language barrier. For such clients, the provider offers as VIP or additional services during chauffeur rentals a multilingual driver.

No matter how many languages the driver speaks, the company ensures yours is included. Thus, you have no difficulty expressing your needs to the driver. Likewise, you are assured that he understands your instructions.

Renting Premium or Luxury Vehicles
The cars offered for rent are not subpar vehicles. Measures are indeed taken to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the journey. The seats are ergonomic, and the car is air-conditioned. Plus, you have free internet access (Wifi) onboard.

This comfort can reach its pinnacle when desired. In this case, you should opt for renting premium vehicles.

Luxury Vehicle Rentals: What are these VIP or Additional Services During Chauffeur Rentals?

The VIP or additional services for luxury cars first concern the category of vehicles available to you. These are premium brand cars like Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari.

With the various quality criteria these vehicles meet, you are sure to feel safe once inside. Moreover, you feel like a privileged client as you travel in a nobly designed and aesthetically refined car.

The additional service also relates to the amenities inside the vehicle. There are magazines and newspapers for your reading, beverages to refresh you, a phone, a tablet, and a charger.

Benefit from Bodyguard Protection Are you a public figure and need protection during your errands? A car rental agency has got you covered. For your satisfaction, they provide bodyguards.

These agents stay by your side whenever you need to travel. Given they’re paid to ensure your safety, they ensure your travels are peaceful.

Thus, bodyguards don’t leave your side unless you request otherwise.

Who are the Bodyguards Included in the VIP or Additional Services During Chauffeur Rentals?

The security experts that a car rental company provides are often former gendarmes and soldiers. This means they have the necessary training to take care of your safety.

Besides this, you should note that these bodyguards are chosen based on their discretion and background checks. Moreover, their experience in close protection is thoroughly examined before integrating them into the rental company.

VIP Reception
Among the VIP or additional services during chauffeur rentals, companies also offer VIP reception. This service is especially for clients arriving or about to enter an airfield or airport in France.

Its purpose is to relieve you of various air travel formalities. Indeed, the VIP reception is a combination of two services. The first is that upon disembarking from the rented vehicle, a hostess guides you to the aircraft door.

She ensures you quickly pass security checks as well as check-in and registration. The second is that upon exiting the aircraft, a hostess awaits to assist you with your document checks.

Afterward, she takes care of your luggage, retrieving them from the hold and then storing them in the rental vehicle.

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