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Accueil » 2024 Rates: Luxury Van & Minibus Rentals in Paris

2024 Rates: Luxury Van & Minibus Rentals in Paris

Location de vanne
Services / VehiclesClass E / BMW Series 5Class S / BMW Series 7Class V (7 passengers)Sprinter Minibus (1 to 19 passengers)
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (Transfer)€95€180€130Starting from: €160
Paris Le Bourget Airport (Transfer)€95€180€130Starting from: €160
Paris Orly Airport (Transfer)€90€180€120Starting from: €155
Paris Train Stations (Transfer)€65€130€90Starting from: €140
4-Hour Rental Package (100km)€240€380€280Starting from: €320
8-Hour Rental Package (200km)€480€760€560Starting from: €640
Additional Hour (Rental)€60€95€70Starting from: €80

10% surcharge applies during nighttime (from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM), weekends, and holidays.

Choose Luxury and Comfort in Paris in 2024

During your travels in Paris, whether it’s for an airport transfer or a full day of exploration, our luxury van service ensures an unparalleled experience. With a range of vehicles from elegant sedans like the Class E and BMW Series 5 to spacious minibuses perfect for groups, we have everything to meet your needs.

Each rental or transfer is accompanied by the services of a dedicated professional chauffeur, ensuring not only a smooth ride but also an in-depth knowledge of the city. By choosing our services, you benefit from transparent and competitive rates for 2024, all while enjoying luxury and comfort at every step.

Discover Paris like never before, with the prestige and elegance of our luxury vans and minibuses. Book today to guarantee your high-end transportation experience.